Strong Magnets

Strong Magnets

Strong Magnets
and Rare Earth Magnets
strong magnets

Strong magnets are common in children’s toys. One pediatric emergency room doctor treats more than one case per month of ingestion. However, most people don’t realize the dangers of powerful magnetics. A spike in magnet ingestions in 2005 was attributed to magnetic construction sets. The toy was blamed for at least one death and numerous intestinal injuries. A voluntary standard was set up in 2007 to limit the number of toys with magnets that are loose. It requires strong magnets to be linked to the other parts of a toy permanently.

Rare earth magnets are the strongest form of permanent magnets. They are made up of “rare earth magnets” elements that are situated in the middle of the periodic table. They have huge magnet moments. The magnetic moments of atoms result from the spin of electrons that orbit the atom. High magnetic moments occur when the atoms of an atom are aligned, giving rise to magnetism. To create a strong magnet you will require many of these atoms.

ASTM officials did not disclose their voting roster, but the committee’s members were gathering for months prior to when safety advocates joined the process. The committee has 36 members. Nine of them are producers. The executives of the magnet industry cannot control more than 49% of the votes. The committee is close to announcing the voluntary standard. The result will be an updated standard for magnets with strong magnetic properties.

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