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As opposed to traditional name tags, magnetic name tags feature an innovative design that lets you attach them to virtually any surface. They are durable and strong and will not cause damage to clothing. They are also easy to use. There are a variety of shapes and colors to choose from.

The simplest magnetic nametag features three magnets on the back, and a metal strip. This allows the magnet to be secured on the back of the name tag and allows you to remove the nametag without causing damage to it.

This kind of name tag can also come with a protective jacket. This may include a thin, non-metallic substance which covers the magnets. This protects the magnets and makes them more fashionable. You can also construct the jacket out of a plastic material, or synthetic rubber. You can seal the material or make it be a perfect fit.

Magnetic name tags can also be magnets for fasteners. This is a great method to make your name tag more noticeable without damaging the fabric of your clothes. It’s also a great method to add a logo to your name tag without damaging the quality of your shirt.

A name plate is a great option to display an identification or advertisement and is an effective method of keeping track of who you are. A name plate could contain a variety of fields to fill in, and might be capable of carrying a few lines of text.

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